Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ - This site facilitates and gives the complete setup guide lines to download drivers and install for Cañoñ printers from Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ. Looking for help in setting up your Cañoñ printer? Our experts are just a click away from you.


Cañoñ ij printer is a complete solution for multiple tasks and users can easily set up a Cañoñ ij printer from Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ and get a better experience. In order to print using a Cañoñ printer you need to download, install and run the Cañoñ IJ Setup from the official portal - Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ. Follow the procedure to setup ij start Cañoñ and make your printing experience more better.

Find the Cañoñ Printer Model Name and Number

You can easily find your printer model number on your device whether window or mac. Usually, the model number is mentioned on the top of the printer's front. Once you know the printer model number, you can visit the Cañoñ website: Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ and type it there to download the appropriate printer software that suits your device capability.

Cañoñ Printer Initial Setup

  1. Cañoñ printer initial setup is comparatively user friendly than the other brand printers.
  2. The package will contain the user manual, setup disc, setup cartridges, power cord, and the safely packed printer.
  3. Choose a flat surface to place the printer and not 30 feet away from your router if you anticipate wireless printing.
  4. Connect the power cord ends to the appropriate ports and turn on the printer. Always connect the printer to the wall outlet and not to the power strip to ensure adequate power.
  5. Unpack the setup cartridges and ensure to remove the orange protective cover.
  6. Open the printer access door and now insert the cartridges in the assigned compartments. The printer will take exactly 3 minutes to read the cartridges.
  7. Now, pull the paper tray and spread the paper guides to place in your preferred papers. Align the paper bunch by tapping on the flat surface before loading it.
  8. Now adjust the paper slides as per the paper size and push the paper tray inside.
  9. Now the printer will take 6 minutes to warm up and print the alignment page for you.
  10. The initial setup is over, and now you can move forward with the printer installation.

How to connect Cañoñ Printer Wireless to Windows Computer

  1. Once you are over with the initial setup, you must be ready to install the ijstart.Cañoñ printer to your computer as per your preferred mode of connection.
  2. You can either use the disc attached with the printer for driver software installation or download it from the official Cañoñ website.
  3. Visit the Ij.Stárt.Cañoñ website and enter the printer model in the search bar. The site will bring up the available drivers.
  4. Download and run the driver software. Select the preferred mode of connection.
  5. If you prefer the wireless connection, access the printer control panel to go settings and select the wireless option to choose and connect to your home network.
  6. If it is a first-time setup, the drivers will automatically recognize the printer, which does not require the user to change the control panel settings.
  7. Get in touch with our support team for instant assistance.
  8. You can reach our experts via chat or click the call button to reach out to us to know how to install a Cañoñ printer.